Wireless charger Aligator Pure-Pad 15W, black

Wireless charger Aligator Pure-Pad 15W, black

Catalogue number: ACHQ004
EAN: 8596426100469

Catalogue: ACHQ004 Brand: Solight Package: Kus

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* Premium charger with 15W fast wireless charging support. It playfully and wirelessly charges your mobile phone or TWS headphones.
* Pocket size
* The charger got the name Aligator Pure-Pad thanks to its noble aluminum construction, which makes the charger itself compact and thin at just 5mm. The upper part is made of high-quality and conductive material, which ensures the ideal transmission of wireless energy. The package includes an ultra-fast USB-C/USB-C cable supporting the Power Delivery protocol.
* Qi technology uses electromagnetic fields with adaptive power control to transmit electrical energy. Thanks to this, it is possible to safely and easily charge the phone or headphones. Aligator Pure-Pad allows you to wirelessly charge modern phones with a power of up to 15W, which is 6 times more than a basic USB charger!
* Input: USB-C port
* Qi output: 15W (max)
* Technology: Qi
* Short circuit and overload protection
* USB-C/USB-C cable included in the package
* Black colour

Package contents:
* Charger
* USB-C/USB-C charging cable
* User manual