watch smart BML bWatch Kappa BML E-series E-3

Touch screen 1.22 "LCD, increased resistance to dust and water, 2 straps included, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, alarm clock ....

Catalogue number: BMLBWKAPB
EAN: 8594176661599

Catalogue: BMLBWKAPB Brand: BML Package: Kus

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BML bWatch Kappa is a smart watch with a modern sports look and a host of features. At first glance, the 1.22 ”touch screen with high resolution and several preset dial faces impresses. Two strips in the package expand the possibilities of change of appearance - one leather, the other silicone, which is great for sports activities. The BML has increased dust and water resistance (IP54). There are also gesture calls, notification notifications for all your applications, a heart rate monitor, and music or camera controls.

bWatch Kappa
Modern watch design
The subtle and innovative design will appeal to anyone who wants a truly clever piece of wearable electronics and does not want to give up the classic look of a wristwatch. There are six different graphical dials that you can rotate with a single touch. Removable tapes are also included. The watch will always match the suit, shirt or sportswear.

HD touch screen
The 1.22 “touch screen has wide viewing angles and is easy to respond to touch. It has brightness adjustment, so it is perfectly legible even in direct sunlight. With the typical hand movement when checking the dial, the automatic activation function is triggered, no need to tap the screen.

Calling straight from your wrist
You can make and receive calls from your watch using a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Of course there is also synchronization of contacts and history of all calls. Battery life depends on the number of active features and frequency of use. For lovers of modern lifestyle, daily charging is required. Ordinary users can only charge their Kappa watches every two to three days.

Remote camera control
You won't need a selfie stick or any other accessories to take great photos. Just set the phone to the right position for taking pictures, the watch will serve as an extended hand through which you press the trigger.

Durable design
You can use BML bWatch Kappa in any activity. It offers a large number of useful features such as heart rate measurement, sleep monitoring, calendar, alarm, stopwatch or calculator. Thanks to the durable design, they can handle everyday workload as well as demanding sports activities. You will appreciate their increased resistance to dust and water splashes.

Keep track of your health
Heart rate sensors and step-by-step tracking give you a great overview of all your activities. Graphs for the last week or month can be conveniently viewed on your mobile phone.

Keep track of your health
Notifications always at hand
The "Notifications" feature synchronizes all important alerts from your mobile. From now on you won't miss any important news. With the application you can conveniently choose which notifications should appear on the watch and which not.

Smart gestures
Gesture control is simple and very practical. Simply move your wrist to answer a call or read an SMS message. You don't have to pull your mobile phone out of your pocket or confirm anything by touching it directly on the watch screen.

Heart Rate Monitor
The watch uses an optical heart rate sensor. Monitor and record heart rate during various activities.

Sleep monitoring
With advanced sensors, you can analyze your sleep quality data. The watch can distinguish between light and deep sleep.

Monitor your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. You can also watch a weekly or monthly report using the mobile app.

Multiple tapes per package
Customize your watch for each event. The basic package comes with a replaceable elegant leather strap and a sports silicone bracelet. The choice is yours.

More features for every occasion
Take advantage of many features and make your life more enjoyable. Remote listening to music, camera remote control, pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep quality monitor, stopwatch, calculator, call and SMS history, notification overview, calendar, sound recording, phone positioning and much more are available.

Technical specifications
Display Size 1.22 "
Display resolution 240 x 240
Touch screen Yes
Connection Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth version Bluetooth v4.0
Compatible with Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and later OS
Language English / French / German / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / Dutch / Russian / Polish / Turkish / Czech
Strap width 22mm
Strap length 25cm
Battery capacity 270mAh
Standby time up to 120 hours
Dimensions 25 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.1 cm
Weight 56 g
Package contents
• bWatch Kappa
• Leather strap
• Silicone strap
• Manual
• Charging cable