USB-Fix TREK motorcycle handlebar socket

USB-Fix TREK motorcycle handlebar socket

Catalogue number: LAM38828
EAN: 8000692388280

Catalogue: LAM38828 Brand: LAMPA Package: Kus

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Charger with two USB ports for fast charging of any device not only on the motorcycle.

The TREK charger is completely waterproof with a membrane for the USB ports. So you can mount it on the exterior of the vehicle without any worries and use it even in bad weather! The assembly is intended for handlebars with a diameter of 21 – 32 mm.

It goes without saying that there is overvoltage protection with a fuse , and protection against overheating and overloading.


  • Fast charger with two USB ports
  • Voltage: 12 / 24 V
  • Current: 5400 mA
  • Power: 30W
  • Cable length: 150 cm
  • Power connector: Plug
  • Mounting: 21 – 32 mm handlebar clamp