Universal magnetic grid holder

Universal magnetic grid holder

Catalogue number: AHA08
EAN: 8595181168233

Catalogue: AHA08 Brand: ALIGATOR Package: Kus

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* Universal magnetic holder for mobile phones in the car
* 4 extra strong magnets to hold the mobile phone even at high speeds and uneven roads
* Possibility of placement in the ventilation grid
* Does not obstruct the driver's view
* Can only be operated with one hand
* Compatible with all ventilation grilles
* Compatible with all mobile phone cases up to 3mm thick
* Non-slip surface treatment
* The possibility of placing the mobile phone vertically and horizontally
* 2 thin magnetic plates that can be easily inserted into the phone case or stuck to the back of the phone with a quality double-sided adhesive layer
* Ultra miniature size: 31 x 31 x 30mm
* Using a gentle but reliable mechanism, it can be easily attached to the ventilation grill without the risk of damaging it
* Bracket
* Self-adhesive 3M metal plate
* Non-stick metal plate for inserting into mobile phone case
* Instructions for use