Starting power supply OSRAM 16800mAh / 400A, 12V


Catalogue number: OBSL400
EAN: 4052899620490

Catalogue: OBSL400 Brand: Osram

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- 16,800 mAh - for small / medium / large cars and vans
with engine capacity up to 8 l petrol and 4 l diesel
- Powerbank function with 2 x USB connectors
- 12V socket - power supply 12V device (can charge simultaneously
2 devices)
- Safe and compact lithium starter source
- Fast charging time 4 hours
- Provides energy for recharging electronic devices
- Comes with a 12V socket for additional power options
(eg 12V cooling box, fan)
- Compact design allows the starting source to be stored in the on-board
- Intelligent terminals for safe connection of the starting source
- Reverse polarity protection, short circuit and overvoltage protection
- Equipped with LED flashlight
- 4-cell battery for higher initial voltage

Product dimensions - 104 X 264 X 130 mm
Weight - 1,174 g
Voltage - 12V
Starting current - 400A
Peak current - 800A
Starter capacity 16800mAh
Charging time 3 h
Powerbank function
Led light

To start, connect both jump leads to the car battery according to their poles. The correct order of connection and disconnection is
described in the manual. By pressing the button, BATTERYstart sends a pulse to your battery and you can restart the engine.
Then do not forget to fully charge the starter source so that it is ready for use again.
lithium starter sources, have a compact design, are easy to carry, use and store.