Spotlight LED 220W 10-30V 2500lm

Headlight LED 120W 10-30V

Catalogue number: T786D

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Headlight LED 120W 10-30V

Field panel with great parameters and combined lighting. The end diodes are wide-angle and the middle diodes are far-field. Thanks to the use of LED technology, the panel has a very good ratio of energy consumption to the amount of emitted light. 40 LEDs are enclosed in a sealed housing resistant to moisture and water. This allows the user to install the lamp both indoors and outdoors. It will also be perfect as additional lighting for a car or boat. Lamp compatible with vehicles with 10V – 30V electrical installation. The high-quality materials used in the manufacture of the lamp ensure a long life and minimize the possibility of failure.


- Supply voltage: 10 – 30V
- Consumption: 20 W
- Luminous flux: 2500lm
- Lamp type: LED Combo
- Number of LEDs: 40
- Color temperature: 6500K
- Security level: IP67
- Dimensions: 160×78×62 mm
- Black colour