Solight LED solar lighting with sensor, 11W

Solight LED solar lighting with sensor, 11W

Catalogue number: SWO785
EAN: 8592718030476

Catalogue: SWO785 Brand: Solight Package: Kus

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* LED lighting with solar panel and adjustable light and motion sensor
turn lights and solar panel to rotate and tilt
* suitable for lighting outdoor areas without electricity (parking spaces, pergolas, sheds, lofts, entrance gates, etc.)
* power consumption: max. 11W
* luminous flux: 1200lm
* light temperature (chromaticity): 4000K (neutral white)
* setting of lighting time: approx. 10s-60sec
* light sensitivity setting: 10-1000lux
* sensor detection angle: 110 °
* detection distances: approx. 8m
* battery charging time by solar panel: approx. 10 hours (depending on lighting conditions)
* net lighting time: nim. 1h (eg 120 switchings at 30sec lighting)
* Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V 4000mAh
* solar panel: 2.5W, 5V
* switch: OFF / auto mode I / auto mode II
* degree of protection: IP54
* black colour
* The price includes rec. contribution 2 CZK without VAT / pcs.

Power (W) 8
Producer Solight