set wireless to tow 7pin with LED lights magnetic

Bluetooth Set of LED Combined Lights for Wireless Vehicle Connection with 7 PIN TransmitterSet ...

Catalogue number: 48.919-7
EAN: 8594058764776

Catalogue: 48.919-7 Brand: Ostatní značky Package: Kus

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Bluetooth set of LED lights for wireless connection to the vehicle via 7 transmitter PIN
The set is equipped with a battery with magnetic mount and two LED lights also with   magnetic attachment.
7 The PIN transmitter sends signals to the receiver with a battery powered by light.
Maximum distance between transmitter and receiver in empty space: 8m
Lighting time: 24 hours
In the event of a signal failure, the hazard warning lights flash
The battery pack is included in the scope of destyle = "font-size: 9pt;"> The battery pack is equipped with a test button to determine the charge level

Prohibition of use on public roads (set for agricultural and working machines)