Immediate replacement of a flat tire is not necessary

With the help of the TYREseal 450 or TYREseal kit, you're back on the road in an instant

Catalogue number: OTSK4
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Catalogue: OTSK4 Brand: Osram

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The OSRAM TYREseal KIT contains one bottle with 450 ml sealant, a tire compressor and a storage bag. The kit can be used as a replacement for the original sealant kit from the vehicle manufacturer. With the OSRAM TYREseal 450, you can seal holes up to 6 mm * in size thanks to state-of-the-art particle gel technology and then inflate the tire with the compressor included in the package. After repairing your tire with OSRAM TYREseal KIT, you can continue your journey up to a distance of 200 km to a workshop or tire dealer who will replace or permanently repair your tire, as the sealant can be rinsed again. You don't have to buy a new tire and spend unnecessarily. Repairing a damaged tire can be done easily and quickly, without the use of tools or a jack. You can sit back behind the wheel in 10 minutes.
Unlike foam sealants, OSRAM sealant has been designed to be used with tire pressure monitoring systems (TMPS). Thanks to the valve passage technology, it is not necessary to remove the valve insert when using a sealant.
The OSRAM TYREseal KIT comes with a velcro storage bag for neat storage of the set in the luggage compartment or compartment reserved for this purpose in the vehicle.
OSRAM TYREseal 450 can be used as a replacement for the original tire sealant from the vehicle manufacturer. Because most tire sealants must be replaced every 56 years, including those sealed with a new vehicle, the OSRAM TYREseal 450 replacement bottle is the ideal solution for replacing the tire sealant after its expiration date. In the event of a puncture, you can quickly seal the tire and continue driving.
OSRAM TYREseal 450 is an OSRAM tire repair sealant that uses particulate gel technology to seal tire defects and is manufactured according to OE standards by car manufacturers. Available as a set, ie. as OSRAM TYREseal KIT with sealant, tire compressor and storage bag or as OSRAM TYREseal 450, ie sealant for tires and spare bottle.
* Sealant is not intended to repair damaged tire sidewalls