rechargeable LED work lamp COB 500LM + 150LM

rechargeable LED work lamp COB 500LM + 150LM

Catalogue number: CAR63300
EAN: 5903140633006

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The folding LED inspection lamp ULTRA SLIM with an adjustable power of 50> 500 lm and a light color of 6500K ensures excellent visibility even in the most difficult conditions. The double articulated adjustment to 270 ° and the lamp located at the top of the arm allow you to illuminate all hard-to-reach places. Another advantage is the possibility of mounting the luminaire in two ways - using a magnetic base and a rotating hinge. The lamp also has a battery status indicator.

The efficient 2500 m / Ah lithium battery enables continuous operation from 2.5 to even 20 hours!

The set includes a charger and a USB cable.