Rear light. FT-371 NT LED O BAYONET L/P 12V CANBUS

Innovative rear light, fully LED for modern agriculture - FT-371

Catalogue number: s368
EAN: 5907556018099

Catalogue: s368 Brand: FRISTOM Package: Kus

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Complete specifications
  • Innovative rear lamp, fully LED for modern agriculture - FT-371 LED
  • It has 3 functions - NEON position light, STOP light, blinker.
  • It is equipped with a light-duty electronic module - the CANBUS system - which allows the product to be seamlessly connected to any vehicle.
    This module loads not only the indicator light, but also each light function separately. The advantage of the CANBUS system is that after connecting the lighting, the vehicle's on-board computer does not display an error on the vehicle's dashboard, e.g. a bulb burnout error.
  • The solid construction confirmed by the IP 68 certificate - guarantees complete dustproofness and high water resistance - this applies to both the version of the lamp with a cable and a bayonet connector.
  • The lamp is intended for the agricultural sector. It can be used in all types of trailers, semi-trailers, agricultural machinery and equipment and in all vehicles that must be equipped with the necessary reflective triangle.
  • The product has European E9 approval and electromagnetic compatibility certificate - EMC .
  • The design of the lamp is resistant to impacts and mechanical damage - PC cover
  • The lamp has electrical protection against polarity reversal

Universal LED rear light intended for voltage 12V , 3-functional (contains contour, brake and direction lights), left/right without license plate light, connection to 5-pin BAJONET connector , with LED control system (CANBUS)