Precision-load battery tester digital 2-200Ah

The goods are charged a recycling fee. No-load DIGITAL BATTERY TESTER FOR 12V-200AH 2 (By type...

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The goods are charged a recycling fee. No-load DIGITAL BATTERY TESTER FOR 12V-200AH 2 (By type BT001, BT301 and BT501 vary by entering values ​​in Ah) Before using the tester, insert a 9V battery in the camera. If the battery is not inserted, or is discharged, appears on the display INTERNAL Cordless LOW. In this case, replace the discharged battery with a new 9V alkaline battery. Make sure that the display shows nothing if it is not connected to tester to the measured battery. Make sure that the battery contacts are clean. Then connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery and the red clamp to the positive terminaThe following inscriptions: Battery volts: display battery voltage connected Select Language: Select the language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese) After connecting to bateriir first shows the voltage on the battery. After confirming the battery voltage by pressing ENTER it displays the option type VRLA battery / GEL / AGM / SLA or SLI. For automotive lead-acid batteries, select SLI. VRLA / GEL / AGM / SLA batteries are maintenance-free gel batteries. Then press enter  /  battery capacity in Ah (from 2 to 200Ah). Then confirm and then continue test that takes a few seconds. In the event of a problem (eg measured values ​​can not be completely discharged battery), you are asked whether the battery is fully charged (IS CHARGED BATTERY?). If you select YES, the message that the b(BAD AND REPLACE). If you press NO, you are prompted to re-charge a battery test (RECHARGE AND RETEST). Test Results: After the test is always displayed battery voltage and starting current (xxSAE, xx = amps). Followed by pressing the up / down  is displayed graphically and in percentage inrush current or voltage in relation to the values ​​that should have batteries in 100% condition. SOH shows graphically and numerically battery - starting current, SOC shows graphically and numerically battery volts. Cranking battery is the value of the current in amperes, the battery will deliver for 30 seconds and strain on the Articles shall not be reduced below 1.2 V. GOOD & PASS - the battery is good, it can be re-charged GOOD & RECHARGE - battery is fine, it must be recharged u00/> RECHARGE & RETEST - the battery is discharged, the battery can not be detected until it is fully charged Charge the battery and retest. BAD & REPLACE - the battery can not be recharged. it must be replaced BAD CELL & REPLACE - at least one cell in the battery is shorted. The battery must be replaced. LOAD ERROR - test battery has a higher capacity than 200Ah, or pliers tester have good contact. If you are not satisfied previous three conditions, fully charge the battery and repeat the test. If the result is the same, the battery must be replaced. When the test is necessary that the battery is disconnected all appliances that could affect the results.