position light LED FT-069 B 12+24V white

Position FT-069 LED clear 12/24V

Catalogue number: s332
EAN: 5907556018143

Catalogue: s332 Brand: FRISTOM Package: Kus

4,43 €
3,66 € excl VAT
Complete specifications

1-functional LED marker light with reflector - low energy consumption
E9 homologation
Homologation of electromagnetic compatibility EMC
Shock-resistant construction
The polarization of the light connection is optional - connection using the connectors included in the package.


- for voltage: 12-36V DC
- working temperature: from -40°C to +55°C
- hermetically sealed, very resistant to ingress of water or moisture

El. consumption:
- white or orange light: 12V/24V = 0.04A/0.04A

Power consumption (rated power):
- 12 V / 24 V = 0.5 W / 1.0 W