OSRAM ROADSIGHT 20 car camera

Compact and discreet on-board camera with practical screen

Catalogue number: ORSDC20
EAN: 4062172182706

Catalogue: ORSDC20 Brand: Osram

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The installed on-board camera OSRAM ROADsight 20 can bring you peace of mind while driving a car. With a 1080p 30fps Full-HD lens and a 120-degree field of view, you'll have high-quality widescreen recordings to identify details such as license plates or traffic signs. You can play back the saved recording on the 2 ”screen. The on-board camera is compact and unobtrusive enough not to distract you while driving.
The G-sensor function automatically stores all records before and after the accident in order to save any evidence. Records of up to 32 GB can be stored on the SD card (SD card is not included).
Magnetic holder and tool for removing panels in the interior for easy installation.

1080p resolution
Frames per second 30
Field of view 120 st.
Memory size up to 32 GB
G-sensor Yes
Rear camera support No.

Supplied accessories
Cable installation tool
Warning sticker on the window
DUAL USB charger (5 V, 3 A) Yes
USB power cable

Hardware features
Mounting Type Magnetic