Multicolor LED strip with remote control, coil

Multicolor LED strip with remote control, coil

Catalogue number: hadK015
EAN: 8594058770777

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The LEDs are placed on a very strong double-sided 3M tape. The combination of colors blue, green, red. Wide application and easy assembly allow practically unlimited use. The miniature dimensions allow the tape to be placed anywhere, even directly on the wall. It can be used to effectively illuminate objects or objects. The tape is used in many interiors, such as suspended ceilings, alcoves, stairs, furniture, etc. Thanks to its special gel coating, it is ideal for places with higher humidity. It can be placed in places exposed to splashing water, for example in the bathroom or kitchen. The tape has a tightness factor of IP44.
The strip does not contain RGB diodes. Each diode has its own color, only three colors can be combined.
Technical specifications:
Power supply 12V/2A
Module 5cm
Coil 5m
Width: 8mm