Maintenance battery charger 5-125Ah

Maintenance battery charger 5-125Ah

Catalogue number: 07143
EAN: 8591686071436

Catalogue: 07143 Brand: Compass Package: Kus

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Car battery maintenance charger intended for constant maintenance of the battery in good condition. It alternately charges and discharges the battery, keeping it in optimal condition.

Connection to the 12V car battery using clips directly on the battery.

The maintenance charger automatically switches to the appropriate mode (charging/discharging) according to the current state of the battery, the current process is displayed by the lights on the charger.

Designed for all 12V batteries filled with electrolyte, maintenance-free GEL (gel), maintenance-free AGM.

technical data:
for accumulators 12 V 5 - 125 Ah
for battery types GEL, AGM, MF, VRLA, PbWet, PbCa
nominal input 230 V ~ 50 Hz / 14 W
nominal output 12 V =
charging current approx. 260 mA
discharge current approx. 70 mA
power cable length 200 cm