LED work light 18W + orange flashing

luminous flux 2160lm, light switching by repeated voltage application

Catalogue number: A2154
EAN: 8594058770432

Catalogue: A2154 Brand: Autolamp

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for voltages from 10V to 30V
it shines with white continuous light and intermittent orange light
the switching of white and intermittent orange light is realized by connecting the voltage:
1/ the first time the voltage is connected, the white light is on
2/ after interruption and reconnection of the voltage, the orange light flashes
3/ after disconnecting and reconnecting the voltage, the white light is on, etc...
current consumption at 13.8V: 1.3A (18W)
current consumption at 13.8V orange light: 0.6A (8.3W)
luminous flux 2160lm (white light)
light color 6000K (white light)
radiation angle approx. 15°
6pcs SMD chips (white light)
6k pcs SMD chips (orange light)
aluminum body: width 98mm x height 76mm x depth 77mm (without bracket)
lens material: PMMA
length of power cable: 19cm
bracket mounting, M8 screw
black wire - minus
red wire - white light and orange intermittent light
homologation R10, CE