LED warning light orange PREDATOR 3 * 3W

Thin predator - height only 7mm

Catalogue number: YL-710A-3
EAN: 8594058765865

Catalogue: YL-710A-3

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LED warning light for voltage 9V-30V
Mounting: 3x3W LED
26 light modes
Protection: IP67
Operating temperature range: -30C to + 60C
Dimensions width x depth x height: 82x31x7mm
Mounting on two mounting holes with a spacing of 68mm
Homologation: R10 and R65 (without these two homologations the light cannot be used on public roads!)
red wire ... plus
black wire ... minus
gray wire ... synchronization of more lights (by connecting with gray wires of other lights)
yellow wire ... switching modes:
by connecting to the black wire within one second - switching to the next light mode
by connecting to the black wire from one to three seconds - switching the previous light mode
by connecting to the black wire for more than five seconds - off