LED reversing light 1600 lm 12-24V white homologation

Reversing and interior LED headlight

Catalogue number: A2144
EAN: 8594058770043

Catalogue: A2144 Brand: Autolamp

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white reversing LED light for 12V and 24V
can also be used as interior light
the light cone is inclined to the ground at an angle of 30 °.
power consumption at 13.8V: 1.2A (16.56W)
luminous flux: 1600lm
scattering beam
18 high-brightness LEDs
all-aluminum body
length of supply wire 1m
mounting on two holes dia. 6mm with a pitch of 185mm
dimensions WxHxD: 230.7 x 46.4 x 53.7mm
screws, nuts and a rubber washer are included in the delivery
homologation E9 R23 and R10