LED headlight 200W with orange warning light 12-24V 40 * 5W homologation R112 + R65 + R7

Spotlight with orange warning light and white position light

Catalogue number: A3016
EAN: 8594058770203

Catalogue: A3016 Brand: Autolamp

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HOMOLOGATED HIGH BEAM HEADLIGHT for voltages from 10V to 30V

40 pcs 5W Osram chips
a strip of white position LEDs and orange warning LEDs across the entire width of the reflector
high luminous flux 16 800lm (RAW)
reference number: 45
beam angle 15 st.
light color 5700K
degree of protection: IP68 + IP69K
aluminum body: width 561mm x height 70mm x depth 67mm (without bracket)
lens material: hardened PC with UV layer
mounting on two side brackets
wire connection:
black: minus
red: high beam
green: orange position light
yellow: orange warning light
gray: white position light
length of supply wire: approx. 100cm
power consumption at 13.8V high beam: 6.1A (84W)
power consumption at 13.8V white position light: 0.07A (1W)
power consumption at 13.8V orange warning light: 0.5A (7W)
power consumption at 13.8V orange position light: 0.3A (4W)
weight: 2.5kg
certification R112, R7, R65, R10, ECE, RoHS, CE