LED headlight 150W curved 390 x LED 12-30V 16000lm

working LED reflector with a luminous flux of 16000lm

Catalogue number: A2148
EAN: 8594058770128

Catalogue: A2148 Brand: Autolamp

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supply voltage: 12V to 30V
current consumption at 13.8V: 10.6A (total consumption 146W)
luminous flux: 16000 lm
dustproof and water resistant: IP67
390pcs * 0.5W LED chips
black anodized aluminum body
Light color: 6000K
Beam angles: 60 degrees wide, 30 degrees high
service life: 30,000 hours
weight 2.56kg
size width x height x depth: 136 x 7.67 x 5.5xcm (without console)
power cable length: 1m
mounting of brackets using two stainless steel screws M6 (included in the package)
certification: CE / RoHs / IP68 / ECE R10
the reflector is not approved for operation on public roads
use: offroad, agricultural machinery, working machines, etc ...