LED headlight 12-24V 80W round 9600lm homologation R112 + R7

LED remote reflector 9600lm with position light

Catalogue number: A3019
EAN: 8594058770180

Catalogue: A3019 Brand: Autolamp

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LED remote reflector 80 W with position light
Position light placed in a circle
High beam: 16 pieces * 5 W OSRAM LED
Power consumption at 13.8V: 3.1A (42.8W)
Luminous flux: 9600 lm
Beam angle: driving beam 10 ° horizontally
Input voltage: 9-30V DC
Size: Φ180 * 80mm
Wire length: 40cm
Protection: IP67, IP69K
Service life: min. 50,000 hours
Homologation: CE, RoHS, IP67, IP69K, R10, R112, R7