LED H7 12V 19W OSRAM set 2ks LED +220%

The first legal LED car bulb in the Czech Republic : OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LED H7

Catalogue number: 64210DWNB
EAN: 4062172155045

Catalogue: 64210DWNB Brand: Osram Package: Sada Use: LED Feature: vyšší svítivost

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A revolution in technology and design: OSRAM's first LED bulb approved for use in dipped and high beams in road traffic on public roads is a pioneer in innovation. H7 LED light sources have been approved for selected car types as a legal replacement for dipped/high beam halogen car bulbs to be installed in headlights in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. List of approved vehicles and other information at .

NIGHT BREAKER LED H7 with a cool white light similar to daylight illuminates the road with up to 220% more brightness. Plus, it will take your vehicle's look to the next level! Compared to regular halogen bulbs, the NIGHT BREAKER LED is also better in terms of vibration resistance and also has up to 5x longer life, so you can really drive a lot of kilometers with it. The quality you expect from OSRAM - manufactured in a certified OSRAM factory in Italy.

Features :

  • Light color: 6000K
  • Consumption: 19W
  • Up to 220% more brightness (compared to ECE R112 minimum requirements)
  • Up to 5 times longer service life and a 4- or 5-year warranty (extended OSRAM warranty 4 years. When installed in a defense service, 5 years)
  • Top quality developed in a certified OSRAM manufacturing facility in Italy (IATF16949).
  • Compact design, individual in-car testing approved by official authorities (TÜV Süd/Ministry of Transport)


Better visibility for greater safety on the road, especially at night.
Cool white LED - light color close to daylight
Friendly to the environment thanks to a longer service life and fewer service visits as well as lower energy consumption
The latest LED technology as a solution for older cars. Protection against counterfeiting thanks to the OSRAM Trust program
Easy to install with suitable installation accessories and an affordable alternative to full LED headlights

To legally replace LED bulbs with halogen car bulbs, it is necessary to study the steps before and after purchasing NB LED H7, (mainly to find out if your car is on the list of approved cars) at : 1. Perform the installation of both LED bulbs, or use OSRAM accessories. 2. Stick the sticker included in the box in the engine compartment or on the back of the headlights. 3. Have the headlights adjusted. No changes to the technical certificate are necessary. Some cars require accessories for installation (adapters, canbuses, covers - see "Compatibility list") Legal use of OSRAM NB LED H7 is conditional on installation with approved OSRAM accessories. 

OSRAM provides an extended product warranty of two or three years. More here .