LED bulb H7 12V 2800lm CANBUS

LED with a total height of only 44 mm - easy plug and play installation

Catalogue number: LEDH7-PLS9
EAN: 8594058766428

Catalogue: LEDH7-PLS9 Brand: Autolamp Use: LED Feature: off road

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60 pcs 2016SMD 1W chips
LED independent of polarity
chips actively cooled by the fan
current consumption at 13.8V: 1.7A (23.46W)
luminous flux 2800lm
flask diameter 20.5mm
total height 44mm
Prohibition of use on public. roads (bulb is not intended for external lighting of vehicles)
We do not recommend it for use in main (dimmed) reflectors, because unlike a halogen bulb, where the light comes from one point (filament), the LED bulb emits light from the entire surface of the SMD chips. Therefore, it is usually possible to adjust the light beam correctly and dazzle oncoming vehicles.
The control unit does not report bulb faults on vehicles with a broken bulb control system. This feature may not be available in all cars. To 100% avoid the message about a defective bulb, we recommend using an eliminator, you can find it here
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