GPS Locator Lamax

A GPS locator that keeps an eye on everything that matters to you. The Lamax GPS Locator uses high-precision GPS, LBS, GSM and Wi-Fi localization to track your location, giving you a history of up to 30 days of backward movement and is equipped with an SOS button, microphone and speaker. It is waterproof, has very small dimensions and low weight.

Catalogue number: LMXGPSL
EAN: 8594175353525

Catalogue: LMXGPSL Brand: LAMAX

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GPS locator that keeps an eye on everything that matters to you: keys, luggage, but also a pet or a child
Localization using GPS, LBS, GSM and Wi-Fi stands out with absolute precision
Lets you track your location in real time
You can set safe zones on the map to be notified immediately when you exceed them
The locator is equipped with an SOS button that allows you to instantly connect to selected contacts when pressed
With the microphone and speaker, you can use the locator to call and describe the emergency
Lasts up to 10 days on a single charge
Thanks to its miniature dimensions it does not burden your pet, it can fit anywhere and the thief just doesn't notice it
In the control app, you can view your motion history up to 30 days back, with the last 24 hours available minute by minute
Thanks to the IP67 waterproof coating, it is not scattered by rain or brief immersion in water
Alerts you when the battery is running low
In addition to tracking your location, you can also use the Locator to track steps and physical activity
You will find a T-Mobile SIM card with 10 MB of data in the package, so you can start using the locator without obligation
Monthly operation of the device is very cheap, just a small data package for about 50 CZK
All data is stored on Lamax servers in Europe
Controlled using clear application for iOS and Android in Czech
Package contents
Lamax GPS Locator
T-Mobile SIM card 10 MB
Charging cable
Instructions for use
Technical parameters
Localization according to GPS, LBS, GSM, Wi-Fi
IOS, Android
MicroUSB connector
Battery 1000 mAh
Battery life up to 10 days
Dimensions 54 × 40 × 18 mm
Weight 40 g