flat wiper 475mm for U arm

Wipers with super soft wiper blade.

Catalogue number: WB541-475
EAN: 8594058766084

Catalogue: WB541-475 Brand: Autolamp

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Wipers with super soft wiper blade. Wiper installation is very easy and fast. For U arms from 8.7 x 7mm to 9 x 11mm.

Thanks to the spring steel construction, the wipers adapt well to different windscreen profiles.
The latest composition of the rubber wiper blade has excellent properties. The wiper blade is resistant to extreme heat or cold and is resistant to UV radiation. It has excellent wiping efficiency and its service life is 50% longer than with conventional wiper blades.
The rubber surface of the Teflon-coated wiper also resists ultraviolet radiation and has a long service life.
The state-of-the-art pressure design reduces aerodynamic noise and enables smoother and more stable wiping.