Daytime running lights DRL 810 10xSMD LED 12V

Daytime running lights DRL 810 10xSMD LED 12V

Catalogue number: T815A

Catalogue: T815A Package: Sada

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The NSSC 810 model in version 3 is equipped with a serial system of 10 efficient SMD LEDs. The lights are made of a metal case and have a built-in aluminum base plate inside, thanks to which the heat emitted by the LED is perfectly dissipated and ensures a very long and stable operation. In addition, they are mechanically locked. This model is characterized by low energy consumption.

The bulbs are approved as marker lights (A) and daytime running lights (RL) and are fully road approved.

Full specification:

LEDs: 10 x SMD LED 0.1W / per lamp

Dimensions (width / height / depth): 185×20×40 [mm]

Motherboard: Made of TSE

Total power consumption: 2.2 W

Voltage: 12V

Approvals: RL, A, E4. Approved for operation based on RCE87

Waterproof: Yes

Mounting bracket: Yes

Vent with adjustable pressure in the lamp: Yes

Including automatic switch: Yes (model 80)

Front glass: PE (safe and compliant with EU requirements)