compressor Osram rechargeable TIREinflate 6000

TIREinflate 6000 Rechargeable Digital Compressor and Air Pump - OTIR6000

Catalogue number: OTIR6000
EAN: 4062172294515

Catalogue: OTIR6000 Brand: Osram Package: Kus

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The OSRAM TIREinflate 6000 is a rechargeable compressor with a Li-Ion battery, which makes it an ideal helper when inflating
tires, but also when camping and traveling. The OTIR 6000 can inflate a tire in just two minutes2) and has a special
accessories for inflating other items such as air mattresses, balls and more.

— Cordless, rechargeable tire compressor and air pump
with air release function
— Easy-to-read large backlit digital display with digital pressure gauge
for quick setup.
— Hitchhiking function
— Rapid inflation; inflates a 13-inch tire in 2 minutes or
air mattress
— Large LED light
— Can be used without a cable or powered by an extra long 3.5m
of the 12V DC power cable.
— An additional 230 V AC power cable for recharging is included in the delivery
— Built-in power bank
— Extra long 70cm flexible
the air hose is easy
accessible storage space
— 10-piece set of adapters and
4 x spare valve covers,
1 x spare fuse a
1 x pair of gloves
— High quality storage case

— Ideal for camping and trips. Easy to use
— Easily set the required inflation pressure, monitor the inflation progress
and charging.
— No risk of over- or under-inflation
— For use at any time of the day/night
— Maximum convenience - use outside the vehicle or power supply by cable
— when the battery is completely discharged.
— Ensure that the product is always charged and ready for the next trip
— Charge all your mobile devices on the go
— Absolute versatility for use on bikes, air mattresses and more
other inflatables
— Easy, neat and safe storage