compressor 12V ARMO digital

compressor 12V ARMO digital

Catalogue number: 07193
EAN: 8591686071931

Catalogue: 07193 Brand: Compass Package: Kus

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High-performance compressor with Auto-stop system and power supply from the 12V vehicle cigarette lighter plug.

The compressor is suitable for inflating car, motorcycle or bicycle tires to precisely set values. However, the package also includes adapters for various other uses (inflating balls, mattresses, pools, etc.).

The compressor is equipped with a built-in tire gauge and a control panel that displays the measured pressure on a digital display in several units. The control panel allows inflation to a preset value.

Power cables and inflator hoses have a sufficient length 12V - 2.5 m / air hose 0.5 m. For easier storage, the hose and almost complete wiring can be placed in the internal compartment of the device.

Technical data
power supply 12V
input power 120W (max. 10 A)
max. pressure 10.3 BAR; 150 PSI
displacement 35 L/min
hose length 0.5 m
cable length 12V / 230V 250 cm