compressor 12V / 230V digital pressure gauge 4 adapters

compressor 12V / 230V digital pressure gauge 4 adapters

Catalogue number: CAR58032
EAN: 5904378580322

Catalogue: CAR58032 Brand: CARMOTION Package: Kus

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The compressor can be powered from both a 12V car socket and a 230V AC socket.
You can inflate the tire without removing the wheel, which significantly increases comfort and saves time. It is equipped with a digital manometer with a backlit display - you can set a target pressure in it, after which the compressor will automatically stop pumping.
The set contains 4 interchangeable adapters that allow connection to Scharder (AV / DV) and Presta (SV) valves. Ideal for inflating cars, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable boat valves, mattresses, etc.
Ergonomic design allows for trouble-free storage in a suitcase.

Technical data:

  • DC power supply: 12V
  • AC power supply: 230V
  • power: 100 W.
  • current consumption: 8.5 A / 12V DC; 0.45 A / 230 V AC
  • rotation speed: 17000 rpm
  • maximum outlet pressure: 200 PSi / 10 bar
  • capacity: 28L / min