CLAY BAR for removing paint surface dirt

CLAY BAR for removing paint surface dirt

Catalogue number: CAR86685
EAN: 5901698866853

Catalogue: CAR86685 Brand: CARMOTION Package: Kus

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Innovative clay in the form of a soft and flexible substance that effectively and gently removes stubborn dirt such as tar, road tar, insect tracks, organic pollution or dirt remaining in paint cracks. Thanks to its unique properties, it is safe for all types of varnishes. Does not scratch or smudge.

Method of use:

Before using clay, properly prepare the surface - preferably wash it with car shampoo. Tear off a 10-20g piece of paste and shape it into a flat disk. Then wet the varnish with water with shampoo or another clay lubricant. Cover the surface with clay. When the clay has collected the right amount of dirt, knead it in and shape it again.