car camera TrueCam A6 + rear camera

Professional car camera with rear camera

Catalogue number: TRUECAMA6
EAN: 8594175350722

Catalogue: TRUECAMA6 Brand: TRUECAM

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The TrueCam A6 car records high quality Full HD footage, which recognizes day and night license plates of other vehicles and people's faces. It also includes a rear camera, which gives you a perfect overview of what is happening behind your vehicle.

The rear camera is one of the main advantages of this model. After connecting with the main camera you will see the image of the rear camera on a clear LCD display, so that in more difficult situations can make parking easier, but mainly always find out what is happening behind your car. In addition, the camera, like the front camera, can record videos so that it will provide you with important evidence in the event of a rear-end crash.

In addition, the time loop ensures that the recording is continuously recorded. The high-end G-sensor detects impact and locks the current video from being deleted. Parking mode allows you to monitor your car without the need for power and trigger recording even in a minor collision. Thanks to the Czech menu, the camera can be easily operated, making full use of its potential. The TrueCam A6 also boasts easy installation and handling. For everyday installation, simply snap the camera and go.

Key properties:
Rear camera to monitor traffic behind the vehicle
WDR ensures crisp, sharp images in any lighting conditions
Good night mode recognizes the license plates of cars even in low visibility
Motion detection will start recording as soon as someone approaches your car
Intuitive operation ensures easy camera setup and operation
Quickly turn off the LCD screen with one camera button or camera menu
Quickly turn off the sound with the camera and menu buttons
Instant photo even during video recording
Brightness control to adjust the image to the current lighting conditions
Display of the driver's name on the display and in the video
Rotate the image 180 ° to position the camera in any position
LED illumination when documenting a traffic accident or low visibility
Backlight buttons for trouble-free operation
Optional display of speed and position in the recording
Cooperation with maps provides an overview of the course of the route
Software application enabling tracking of captured record, route, speed graph and accelerometer record simultaneously (only with GPS module)

Package contains:
TrueCam A6 Full HD Camera
Rear HD camera
Adhesive 3M holder
Suction cup 2x
Extension A6 (usable with 3M holder and suction cup)
Connecting cable between front and rear camera
USB cable
Car charger
Protective packaging

Image sensor:
3M CMOS Sensor for peak night mode
Resolution: up to 1920x1080 (Full HD), 30fps.
Photo resolution: up to 12 Mpix
1080p Angle:
130 °
Format and compression:
MOV format, H.264 compression
Built-in microphone with button off during recording or in menu
LCD display:
2.7 "16: 9 with button off during recording and also in menu
Built-in 250mAh
Filming in a loop
Locking files against overwriting
Auto-start function
Motion detection
Replaceable filters
Video TimeLapse
Parking mode
USB 2.0
Micro SD slot (up to 32 GB)
103 x 51 x 40mm