beacon LED magnetic orange 32LED * 1W

flat LED light beacon with magnetic attachment

Catalogue number: YL-190A
EAN: 8594058765971

Catalogue: YL-190A

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low LED light beacon with polycarbonate unbreakable cover

Voltage: 12V / 24V
Attached with two magnets on the bottom
Maximum design speed: 90km / h
Fitting: 32pcs 1W LED
Power supply CL with igniter connector with switch and light mode switch
Cable length: 3.1m
Number of light modes: 26
Dimensions width x depth x height: 200x180x30mm
Total height including magnets 50mm
Current consumption at 13.8V: 1.00A (13.8W)
Protection: IP66
Operating temperature range: -30 0 C to +60 0 C
Homologation: R10 and R65 (without these two homologations the beacon cannot be used on public roads!)