battery charger OSRAM 6 / 12V 2 / 4A charge 904

Intelligent battery charger from OSRAM with 9-stage charging process for lead, calcium, EFB and AGM batteries. In addition, a 7-stage lithium battery charging. It features a digital display that makes charging even easier.

Catalogue number: OEBCS904
EAN: 4052899620520

Catalogue: OEBCS904 Brand: Osram

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BATTERYcharge 904 - 4-amp intelligent charger
- 4A intelligent charger with battery maintenance mode - for smaller battery sizes
- Charging speed selection 2A or 4A - choose the charging speed for your battery type
- For 6V and 12V vehicles - choose the voltage suitable for your car
- Charging for batteries up to 90Ah and maintenance mode for batteries up to 140Ah - perfect for most motorcycles and small motor vehicles

- Compatible with Stop / Start function
- 9-stage charging process for lead / AGM car batteries, 7-stage charging mode for lithium car batteries
- Cold weather charging mode that protects batteries at low temperatures
- Large LCD display that clearly shows the voltage and charging process even in low light
- One button control for easy use
- Quick connection of connectors with terminals or connectors for long-term connection
- Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
- Automatically adapts to long-term maintenance mode when the battery is charged
- Suitable battery types: Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium, EFB & AGM

weight: 500g
output current: 2A / 4A
test voltage: 6V / 12V