About Autolamp Autolamp CZ, Ltd.

Autolamp CZ company is a distributor of automotive bulbs Narva, Philips, Osram, vosla and Hella in the Czech Republic.. These brands represent quality European peak, durable and offers the widest range.

For customers preferring pricing perspective, we supply a comprehensive range of high quality bulbs and service packs Czech brand Autolamp. All bulbs are approved and production is TÜV certified according to ISO 9001.

We offer the widest range of bulbs for motor vehicles in the Czech Republic - in stock over 900 types of bulbs and servicer boxes from ten manufacturers.

Usually wiper Autolamp and Hella, voltage of 12V or 24V to 230V and from 24V to 12V, all types of fuses, first aid kits, bacons, ropes, warning triangles, jumper cables, HID kits, headlights daytime running lights, car, battery testers and charging system of the vehicle, pulse chargers, plugs and sockets German manufacturer ERICH JAEGER, hose clamps AUTOLAMP and NORMA, relays, horns,, wires and cables, cable ties AUTOLAMP, insulating tapes, heat shrink tubing, terminals, battery clamps, filters, earth straps and comprehensive range of connectors and cable lugs. Our offer also contains a special medical bulbs, incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes Narva and Osram.

Goods are sent via more than 1,000 business partners throughout the Czech Republic and other European countries.