2pcs LED bulb H7 12V-24V 360st. 5000lm CANBUS

A new type of LED bulb that emits light through a glass tube.

Catalogue number: LEDH7-360
EAN: 8594058770029

Catalogue: LEDH7-360 Brand: Autolamp Use: LED Feature: off road

79,19 €
65,45 € excl VAT
A new type of LED bulb that emits light using a glass light guide tube.
The LED therefore emits from the same point as the filament of a classic H7 bulb, so the LED does not dazzle (when the reflector is set correctly).
A set of two LED bulbs replacing two H7 halogen bulbs
G-CR LED chips
chip efficiency 125lm / W
luminous flux: 5000lm (halogen bulb H7 has a luminous flux of 1500lm)
light color: 6500K
working voltage: 10V to 30V
current consumption at 13.8V: 3A (41W)
service life: 30,000 hours
degree of protection: IP65
LED size: 68 x 37mm
control unit size: 52 x 35 x 16.5mm
fan cooling
the supply is polarized - if the LED is not lit, turn the polarity of the socket
The LED usually does not report a burst bulb error (CANBUS) due to higher current consumption.
The LED socket can be removed for easy mounting in the reflector.
The bulbs are intended for sports purposes only (they are not approved for use on public roads).
Price for a set with 2 LEDs