2ks LED H7 Ultinon Pro6000 HL PHILIPS +230%

LED bulb H7 by PHILIPS approved for use in low beam and main beam in road traffic

Catalogue number: 11972U6000X2
EAN: 8719018013613

Catalogue: 11972U6000X2 Brand: Philips Package: Sada Use: LED Feature: vyšší svítivost

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A revolution in technology and design: the first LED bulb from PHILIPS approved for use in dipped and high beams in road traffic on public roads. H7 LED light sources have been approved for selected car types as a legal replacement for dipped/high beam halogen car bulbs to be installed in headlights in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. List of approved vehicles and other information here .

Up to 230% brighter light. Driving in the dark is challenging, so you have to rely on your headlights. With a simple bulb change, your vehicle will soon have a brand new look. Improve the range of night vision and the brightness in the direct field of vision so that you can recognize danger in time. Thanks to the perfect placement of the LED chips on the Philips Ultinon Pro6000, the light on the road is exactly where it is needed without dazzling oncoming vehicles. With a high color temperature of up to 5,800 Kelvin, the Philips Ultinon Pro6000 produces bright white light that is very close to daylight. Improved visibility makes it easier to spot obstacles. The optimal color temperature prevents eye fatigue.

voltage 12V to 24V
power consumption 18W
luminous flux 1500lm
lifetime 3000 hours
color temperature 5800K


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